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Fine Books about Fighting Sail (1793 - 1815)

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Founded in 1974, SCA has not grown very much, but has produced some rather special books.  That was the objective in 1974 and is still the priority.  I consider the paper, printing and binding of each title very carefully.  The object is not just to reprint a title, but to produce a book which will challenge the original in terms of craftsmanship and style.  I want to produce reprints that will last as long as the original copies.

If you are interested in the golden age of Fighting Sail (1793 - 1815), then you have found the right site. Through the two titles by David Steel, (Elements and Practice of Naval Architecture and Rigging & Seamanship), you will have all you need to build, rig, sail and fight the ships of this period. In addition to this, through James Jenkins's Naval Achievements, you will be able to visualise these great contests at sea by viewing the wonderful colour aquatints based on Thomas Whitcombe's watercolours, as well as reading the victorious commander's dispatch to his commanding admiral.

In the words of Patrick O'Brian, "I think the reprint of Jenkins is a quite remarkably successful piece of book production and I send you my hearty congratulations on the quality of your paper, colour reproduction, letterpress and binding."  Words to bring a glow to any publisher, however small!

With Naval Swords and Dirks, you now have a two volume reference for officers' swords, hangers, cutlasses and dirks that makes you part of a boarding party! With over 1,250 colour images, you will find the details of each piece that are found nowhere else. This is the prefect companion to Boarders Away and Swords for Sea Service.

Lord Nelson's Swords is volume III to Naval Swords and Dirks and provides all of the information you need to identify the sword that Nelson used as a fighting sword. As the whereabouts of this sword are unknown, you now have the chance to search it out. Also included are the fine City of London, Egyptian Club and Nile swords plus an overview of the swords and vases presented by the Lloyd's Patriotic Fund.

Forget Me Not is a study of folk art, maritime lore, tales of derring-do. The practice of engraving a coin as a sailor's promise of return is very old and certainly warrants a place alongside scrimshaw as an important addition to the mariner's art.

With the bicentennial of Trafalgar in 2005, Malcolm Appleby produced what in now termed The Appleby Trafalgar Medal which has received critical acclaim with Malcolm receiving the Gold Award for engraving and the Silver Award for modelling from the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths. Have a look at the medal and do read the background information, as the medal captures a fair amount of new information.

2012 saw the Centenary of the great achievements of both Roald Amundsen and Captain Scott in their race to the South Pole. To remember these men, SCA has published The South Polar Race medal, 100 years have gone by and only 100 medals will be produced.

I like to travel and one of the best trips was to Egypt. With the cost of postage and photography these days, it has proved economical to recount the Egypt trip on this web site.  I hope you enjoy the read and if you are interested in a book or a medal, please let me know


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